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    about tera intez

    Movie Name: Tera Intezaar

    Cast: Arbaaz Khan, Sunny Leone , Aarya Babbar, Gauhar Khan, Sudha Chandran, Bhani Singh

    Director: Raajeev Walia

    Release Date: 01 Dec, 2017

    Duration: 1 hr 48 mins

    Tera Intezaar Story

    Tera Intezaar is a Bollywood musical-romantic thriller film, directed by Raajeev Walia. The movie star Arbaaz Khan and Sunny Leone in lead role

    The film starts with four protagonists trying to steal paintings at Veer’s house and an angry ghost floods the whole house and the four drown instantly. Voila, the next scene they rise up in a pristine beach island in Mauritius and lose their way to reach the city while each one of them get killed in mysterious ways

    Arriving freshly off Sunny Leone‘s kitchen on December 1 – with no Padmavati anywhere in sight – Tera Intezaar is here to knock your socks off. The film has quite an impressionistic start: four shady-looking villains are magically trapped into a set of paintings

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    Tera intezaar movie full cast


    Sunny Leone Sunny Leone
    Gauhar Khan Gauhar Khan
    Arbaaz Khan Arbaaz Khan
    Sudha Chandran Sudha Chandran
    Arya Babbar Arya Babbar
    Bhani Singh Bhani Singh
    Salil Ankola Salil Ankola

    Music by 

    Raaj Aashoo (music by)

    Sound Department 

    Anup Dev re-recording mixer
    Shingare Sujit assistant re-recording mixer

    Editorial Department 

    Sajith Rajendran digital intermediate conformist

    Music Department 

    Pancham Singhania background score co producer


    tera intezaar review


    era Intezaar has all the skin show that is customary for a Sunny Leone flick – she does everything that she needs to do to earn her keep – but it isn’t half as brazenly sleazy an erotic thriller as her films usually tend to be. It hinges on the heroine’s sex appeal only to an extent. It tries instead to narrate an outlandish tale that aspires to be mind-bending but ends up bordering on outright gobbledygook

    It’s another weird supernatural film featuring Sunny Leone.

    There isn’t anything to talk about its story, still I will enlighten you. Why should critics have all the fun?

    Veer Singh Rajput (Arbaaz Khan) there are producers who still dare to cast him as lead– is a closet painter. One fine day, while he was painting from his imagination, it turns out to be Raunaq’s (Sunny Leone) portrait. In next thirty seconds, he meets her and begins to sing duet on a beach.

    audience review


    ” Tera Intezaar……….Kutch nahi dekha toh kuch nahi dekha movee tera intezaar dekha toh bar bar dekha…. its 1st time directed & produced in KUTCH (GANDHIDHAM) bollywood movee ”

    ” Nice movie for sunny leone fans only.. horror.. littl twist and interesting.. dont being kids with U as its ‘A’ cerfied and horro.. one time watch”

    ” घर पे c i d या crime petrol देखता तो ज्यादा मजा आता हैं।बकवास बकवास बकवास बकवास बकवास बकवास आधी मूव्ही गाडी चलाते हुए दिखाया है।गलतिसे भी ये मूव्ही मत देखना ”

    “One time see there’s something new in aatama type movies with tadhka of Sunny leony”



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